GI-Media Library is a WordPress plugin developed especially for institutions providing online education. With this plugin, it’s easy to create your course/media library in a tabular form without any effort of custom building pages and layouts. You can organize it into a group (course) and subgroup (subjects), create combo items (chapters), create playlist section (sections) under that item and then add your links to course materials or media's under that section. You can create your own table with desired no. of columns like topic, duration, files etc. It supports all types of libraries like audio, video, pdf, doc etc. This plugin also comes with built-in HTML5 player from jPlayer and it supports following media formats:

  • HTML5: mp3, mp4 (AAC/H.264), ogg (Vorbis/Theora), webm (Vorbis/VP8), wav
  • Flash: mp3, mp4 (AAC/H.264), rtmp, flv

Playing external videos (YouTube and Vimeo) are also supported. You can fully customize the layout by providing CSS stylesheet class and change the text direction from LTR to RTL, if you want to use Arabic, Persian, Urdu languages.

Note: User's Manual is included in this plugin with step by step usage instructions.

If you are looking for advanced feature with Student Registration and LMS (Learning Management System), then check our GI-Learning Management System which will integrate with GI-Media Library to provide you with complete Learning Management System.


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user playlist

admin 1

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Following are the complete features list:

  • Admin Section:
    • Add/Modify/Delete Groups and manage their CSS class and direction
    • Add/Modify/Delete Sub-Groups and manage their CSS class and direction
    • You can specify Main Text, right and left heading text that will appear on top of playlist page. Can assign CSS class and text direction
    • Add/Modify/Delete playlist table columns and manage their styles by CSS class and text direction to LTR or RTL
    • Add/Modify/Delete Sections (Playlists can be displayed section wise)
    • Add/Modify/Delete Section columns
    • Show/Hide Combo box and Filter box on page. (Filter will allow you to filter playlist by section)
    • Add/Modify/Delete combo box items and manage combo box styles by CSS class and text direction to LTR or RTL
    • Add/Modify/Delete Playlists
    • Download media by subgroups, combo items and sections
    • Add/Modify/Delete multiple records at the same time
    • Drag and Drop widget on any sidebar
  • Front End (Shortcode and Widget):
    • Add shortcode on any Page/Post
    • Can make any subgroup as a default resource to load initially on page loading
    • User can filter the list by section
    • Filesize will be displayed automatically for every downloadable file
    • User will be able to download the media from different areas (by section, combo item selection, by subgroup)
    • HTML5 player has been included that can play any audio file
    • As of version 2.2.0, playing external videos (YouTube and Vimeo) are also supported


Follow the steps below to install the plugin:

  1. Download the plugin in zip format.
  2. Login to wp-admin and click on Plugins » Add New. Then click on the Upload tab.
  3. Browse for the downloaded zip file and upload it.
  4. Click on Activate Plugin to activate it.
  5. Read the User's Manual for step by step instructions on how to use it.



  • Minor fixes in GI-LMS integration and to support upto WP version 4.0.


  • Minor improvements to support our GI-Learning Management System plugin


  • Revised the code to support our future streamline of GI plugins for online education
  • Added support for playing External Videos (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Fixes minor bugs in the admin section


  • Fixes compatibility issue with latest version of jQuery which fails to edit/update the playlist.
  • Improved the visual layout of admin section.
  • Included About page in admin for ease of access to User's Manual.


  • Major update with bug fixes and layout improvements.


  • fixes bug in shortcode
  • updated css to create standard layout of table


  • Initial release

Used by These Institutes:

  • Lughat-ul-Quran Institute
  • Dr. Farhat Hashmi (Al Huda International)






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